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Banking & PSPs

Offshore Corporate Banking

Offshore banking affords your Financial Service Business a great deal of flexibility in receiving and sending funds in order to keep your business running smoothly. Corporate Development Solutions has established relationships with a variety of offshore banking institutions that maintain the highest ethical standards in banking. Many of the banks we deal with offer:


  • Dedicated Customer Service Agents via Telephone

  • Visa or MasterCard Debit Cards

  • ONLINE Banking with the ability to send Wire Transfers Online

  • No Foreign Exchange Controls

  • Tax Free Investment Interest


Some of the offshore banks we work with are located in jurisdictions such as:


  • Belize

  • The Cook Islands

  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines

  • Isle of Man

  • The Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey

  • Cayman Islands

Offshore Corporate Banking
Onshore - Top Tier Banking

For the ultimate in security of your businesses funds, Corporate Development Solutions offers banks in jurisdictions such as:


  • United Kingdom

  • Hong Kong

  • Cyprus

  • Bulgaria

  • Gibraltar

  • Singapore


These jurisdictions are highly regarded and general provide for a deposit insurance scheme that protects your funds in the event of bank insolvency. Some jurisdictions require a visit to the bank. In this case, we will insure that your account is pre-approved and ready for signing BEFORE you book your trip. Other banks can provide for account opening remotely, with certified or notarised documents couriered to the bank.

Payment Service Providers (PSP) for Credit Card Processing & eWallets

A Payment Service Provider (PSP) gives your company the ability to accept electronic payments through many different methods right from your website. These methods include:


  • Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard, etc)

  • Direct Debit & Bank Transfers

  • eWallet Solution such as Skrill & Neteller

  • Cash Payments

  • PrePaid Cards & Vouchers


Corporate Development Solutions has negoiated the best rates for all types of business, whether you are a start-up with no processing history, an unregulated entity, or a licensed brokerage.


In order to protect your business, many services offer advanced fraud detection an monitoring in an effort to minimize and/or eliminate the risk of chargebacks. 


All services offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly settlements of funds due to your business right to your company bank account through automatic settlements. 

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